Grand Materials Supply – Step Outside

Work continues at the historic home remodel. Pete Cure goes shopping for irrigation, granite, and lighting at Grand Materials & Supply, the Valley’s landscape superstore. First, he talks with Joe Bergeron about the variety of irrigation products their store offers. Together, they decide to install a drip irrigation system with new valves and control system. Pete shows you how to protect your irrigation system from being chewed up by desert animals like rabbits and squirrels.

While at Grand Materials & Supply, Pete picks out some granite for pathways that he’s creating on the historic property. He speaks with Derrick Boscarino who reviews the different types of granite they carry. The store can also order specialty products if needed — any size, any color. Derrick recommends using 1/4″ minus for Pete’s historic project. Madison gold is commonly used throughout the valley. Pete decides to have 50 tons of it delivered to the site. Creating these pathways will provide a tranquil way to enjoy the property.

Lastly, Pete talks with Alex Babb regarding proper lighting for the project. He hopes to light the driveway, pathways, some saguaros and nice old trees throughout the property. From halogen to LED lights, Alex reviews the benefits of each. He points out that less wire, less voltage, and smaller transformers are required with the new generation of lighting. With LEDs there is no need to change bulbs and they require very low maintenance for homeowners, which is a positive.

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